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Wellsboro HornetsThe Wellsboro Area School Board approved Tim McCratic’s resignation as the vice president, approved change orders for the athletic complex project, and more at school board meeting which was held on Tuesday, September 13th.

McCratic will still be a member of the school board. Christopher Gastrock will be the acting vice president from September 14th to December 31st. Matt Feil, who is the school board president, said the following to McCratic following his resignation,  “You have helped us in so many ways. I sincerely appreciate it,” he said. McCratic held his position for nine months.

Several change order modifications regarding the athletic complex project were also approved by the school board meeting. AstroTurf LLC will be installing electrical system cabling as well as terminations. The cost of the installations will not go above $46,000. The change order was needed because the way in which the contract was interpreted did not make clear whether AstroTurf would be doing the work or the school district.

The following change orders were also approved at an additional cost of $9,049: softball dugouts rewiring for $1,053; softball scoreboard rewiring for $1,053; existing pole lights rewiring that includes labor and wire for $1,053; supplying and installation of the transformer vault for $3,135; supplying and installation of breakers for the track security lighting circuit contract that includes labor and wire for $2,316; and adding breakers to the main distribution panel in order to use the Musco Control Link system which was bought under the field lighting contract for $439.

According to District taxpayer Jolene Smith, senior citizens are not liking the change orders due to the cost. Smith asked, “Why weren’t they included in the original project?” Superintendent Dr. Brenda Freeman answered Smith by saying, “There are change orders in every project.” Freeman also said the costs are “$100,000 below what we thought it would be.”

Smith also wondered about the completion date of the project. Feil responded with the following, “The project has been delayed due to changes that need to be made to the field with drainage… We are hoping to have the field completed in October. The entire project should be finished by the end of this calendar year.”

According to Business Manager Bonnie Thompson, the work to refinance the athletic complex project at an interest rate of 2.79% via Citizens and Northern Bank was accomplished on Thursday, September 8th. The school board also gave a contract to Susquehanna Valley Sound and Video for $35,230 in order to install sound systems and public address systems. The Montgomery-based company was among two others to bid on the contract.

Director of buildings and grounds Daren Bryant said the electric bill should be positively affected by lights in the high school student commons being LED. In fact, 95% of the lights are LED. The commons include a public lobby, the cafeteria, and an area where students gather.

The school board also approved a new teacher position at Don Gill Elementary School. Rhoda Mann, who teaches English as a second language, will fill that third-grade teacher position. Mann is also a support teacher for at-risk students. Her step placement and current salary will be unchanged. A total of 131 third-grade students are enrolled at the school, and there are about 22 students in each class.

According to Freeman, the superintendents of Southern Tioga, Wellsboro Area, and Northern Tioga school districts have been discussing a school resource officer program for Tioga County with the following people: District Attorney Krista Deats, attorney Christopher Lantz, and Tioga County commissioners. Freeman explained, “At this point, it’s just a committee to see what such a program would look like and how it could be organized.”