Update on Route 49 Accident in Deerfield Township

Update on Route 49 Accident in Deerfield Township

STAFF- At 7:52 AM, an accident was reported at the 6500 marker of Route 49 in Deerfield Township.  The PA State police were dispatched, as were the Knoxville/Deerfield Fire Department, Valley Community Ambulance,  and the Osceola Fire Department.  Shortly after their departure, Life Flight was also called.
Eyewitnesses related to the Tioga Freedomist that a vehicle was on its roof and that they witnessed a life flight leaving the area, which we can now confirm.  By 7:59AM, the first crews were on scene.  At 7:59AM Elkland Fire Department was also dispatched.  At 9:01AM most of the fire departments were sent back to their stations while the Knoxville/Deerfield Fire Department remained on-scene until 9:37AM.  The life flight left the scene at 9:13AM.   It is not confirmed if they left with a person on board or not.  We will update this story as we get more information.  We ask for prayers for anyone involved in this crash.

UPDATE- 11:42AM– We can confirm that the life flight did leave with an injured person on board.

H/T Peter Reese, Glenn Earle and Donna Tittle-Fake

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