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energy-solutions-consortium-logoRepresentatives from Energy Solutions Consortium (ESC) recently discussed building a natural gas-fired electrical generation plant in Tioga County.

Approximately 60 people attended the meeting at the Covington Township building on Monday, October 10th. ESC has the following areas in mind for the power plant: Covington Township on East Hill Road where the road intersects with Canoe Camp Creek Road; Lawrenceville; and Richmond Township. ESC is based out of Buffalo, New York.

ESC CEO Andy Dorn and his son Matthew Dorn talked about the power plant at the meeting. Matthew Dorn is ESC’s chief financial officer. The power plant, which would be 550-megawatts, would be on 20 acres of land or more. It would sit atop East Hill. The cost of the project is estimated to be around $700 million. Numerous permits would be required and 32 studies would need to be conducted prior to the start of the project. According to Dorn, the duration of the project would be around five years.

According to Dorn, the electricity the plant generates would be part of a big transmission line which passes close to the site. The electricity would be sold. ESC wants to build in Tioga County because both the transmission line and pipelines from Marcellus Shale natural gas wells are close.

The power plant would be cooled by air via an exhaust tower that is 60 feet high. Neighbors voiced their concerns about various types of pollution, including landscape, air, and noise pollution.

Around 400 jobs would be created for the construction phase of the power plant. There would also be around 30 jobs that are long-term. Andy and Matthew Dorn said they will be coming back to the area in several weeks to announce where the power plant location will be.

According to ESC’s website, the company “focuses on development of combined cycle power generating and liquid natural gas (LNG) processing facilities incorporating state-of-the-art technologies to deliver low emissions and reduced carbon footprint, natural gas driven energy solutions.” You can learn more about ESC on their website here: