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Freds Gentlemens Club

Police once again at Fred's. Archive Photo of Fred's Lobster Garden, now it's Fred's Gentlemen's Club by Lonny Frost
Here is an archive photo of Fred's Gentlemen's Club when it used to be Fred's Lobster Garden.
Here is an archive photo of Fred’s Gentlemen’s Club when it used to be Fred’s Lobster Garden.

One Man Shoot
UPDATE: A report from the Mansfield State Police confirms the original reporting of this breaking news story, which is now a HEADLINE news story. EYE WITNESS REPORT ADDED

THIS STORY IS NOW HEADLINE NEWS as events have been confirmed- that there was a shooting at the location described and that in substance our initial reports were accurate. Thank you to our readers for your help, especially eye witnesses and news tip providers who, once again, proved to be timely and accurate.

March 9, 2014  This is breaking news and is not completely confirmed. As with all breaking news expect updates and clarifications.

This includes multiple similar reader reports which are corroborated by the scanner reports and eye witnesses who saw many police on scene with one or more ambulances.

There has been a shooting at what locals refer to as “the woodshed”, or a “gentleman’s club”, “Fred’s”, two miles down the street from the Acorn, at Tioga Junction, which served as the staging area for police responding to the incident. Additionally, two witnesses say that the victim called 911, after being shot, from the Acorn. It raises questions as to why the club itself did not make this call. Fred’s Woodshed, also known as Fred’s Gentlemen’s Club, although many readers state that it is more like a place to party than a strip club, is located in Tioga Townnhip.

A victim, 20 year old Antonio McBean, was shot in the chest, according to reports which the State Police have confirmed, at around 5:45 AM and was taken to Arnot Ogden Medical Center in Elmira, NY. A helicopter had been requested but for an unknown reason was not available. Please pray for this young man and his family at this trying time for all of them.

We have a report from an eye witness who wished to remain anonymous, although we know their identity-

“I was in the parking lot leaving last night when (another person who was with me) and I heard the shots. I thought it was a firecracker as it wasn’t very loud, probably a 22 caliber. (The person who was with me) said it was gun shots; probably 5 or 6. Then I turned around and saw someone run through the parking lot; whether he was the shooter or running away I don’t know. It sounded like it happened right outside the door, definitely not inside the building itself.”

The witness had not thought much more about the incident because they were not actually sure there had been a shooting, but contacted us after reading about the story.

We cannot corroborate the number of shots or the caliber of the weapon, but the story does fit the overall report in terms of what has been confirmed. Often witnesses hear more or fewer shots than ballistics discovers were actually fired.

The club used to be Fred’s Lobster Garden (which is still the official listing in Google maps), has had many problems associated with it over the years and many locals have expressed a desire to see the place shut down. We cannot yet confirm if the victim was a male or a female, but we have been told by witnesses that the victim was a male.


Inside Fred's, not so much a strip club, as some suggest, but a place where people go to party. PHOTO- Tracy D Burton
Inside Fred’s, not so much a strip club, as some suggest, but a place where people go to party. PHOTO- Tracy D Burton (Taken a few months ago)

“Sorry to tell ya but, its just another rumor lol….. nothing happened at the club…. actually it was a very good night and as usual everyone had a great time….”

They also added, in response to a comment-

“Not sure what Freds you went to (NAME) but it wasn’t this club because everyone goes through the metal detector and the people that are running there mouths up to you claim to have never even been to the club and I would dare to guess that you have never been either. If I didn’t care about peoples safety I would not have spent so much money on a metal detector or the extra security I keep on staff that rarely get utilized. I go above and beyond to make sure people are safe in the club but unfortunately I can not control everything that goes on outside”

They have since deleted the posting and have not answered a message left by the Editor of the Tioga Freedomist.

State Police from Mansfield have confirmed the original reporting of this breaking news story, which is now a HEADLINE news story.

At 5:45 AM Troopers were dispatched to the Acorn Market at Routes 287 and 328, known as Tioga Junction, with a report of a gunshot victim on scene. The victim, 20 year old Antonio McBean of Rochester NY, told the police that he was shot in the chest as he was exiting the Club, Fred’s Woodshed in Tioga PA, and that he had traveled to the Acorn to get help. As of 11:45 AM readers reported seeing 4 State Police cars still at the location of the shooting, which was at the Club in the parking lot, conducting an investigation.

The shooter was simply described as an unknown black male, no particulars as to height or age or even the type of weapon that was allegedly used. If you have any information or are a witness we urge you to call the State Police in Mansfield at 570-662-2151.


REPORTING- many readers and news tip providers as well as staff, including Editor Bill Collier and with assistance by Senior Correspondent Lonny Frost

Readers who are witnesses and who can provide tips may contact editor@tiogafreedomist.com.

NOTE: initial reports said “Lawrenceville”, the address is officially “Tioga”, we also posted that Fred’s was across the street from the Acorn, in fact the Acorn is two miles down the road from Fred’s.