Brookfield Township Man Takes His Own Life

Brookfield Township Man Takes His Own Life

William Collier

UPDATE- A family is mourning the loss of their loved one, a young man from Brookfield Township, who, police report, fatally shot himself. As reports of a shooting spread through social media, and readers contacted us, it was clear that this was a terrible tragedy.

Suicide is a leading cause of death for young people, it can often be brought about by mental health issues or inebriation so that the victim is no more responsible for their death than if they had been in an accident. We have no idea what the cause of this tragedy is.

This kind of death is very hard on family and friends who often wonder if they could have done this or that to prevent it.

William McDonald, 22 in Brookfield Township reportedly took his own life on the evening of July 25th, 2013. This from a police report that makes this public knowledge. The police withold such reports until they have confirmation and notify the family.

(Details redacted) He was pronounced dead at 7 PM by Deputy Tioga County Coroner Robert Gee.

As this story spread, and many of our readers had all the details, we had many requests for those details because people were worried about their own young male relatives living in the area. I (Bill) was among them. This story, however, comes against the background of too many stories we’ve had to post about youth having problems in this county.

In the past such reports were covered up, not reported, leaving everyone guessing or ignorant about a real brewing crisis. Our County is facing a crisis, and many who have interacted with us about these kinds of tragic endings have repeatedly said they want to do something about it.

None of us can say this tragedy could not come to our doors, none of us can fail to identify with the family and friends of this young victim of whatever drove him to this tragic conclusion. People want to know, they need to know, not out of a morbid fascination with tragedy but because when these things happen they always have a meaning and a cause that can touch any one of us if we are not aware that there is a problem.

Some say with such tragedies as this that only the person who succombed to this was the victim, but many are hurt and affected and many can be affected if these types of tragedies are ignored and nobody knows they have happened.

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On a personal note, we ask that if you know this family, show them you care, assure them of your support, and do not let them feel alone, although you should respect their privacy, as we will.

We pray for the family and friends connected to this tragedy.

READER REPORT- we have a report from a reader, via scanner, that the coroner and State Police were called to the scene near Westfield. The Sheriff’s Office was also called.

According to the report, the shooting occured on California Road near Westfield PA.

If you have any information on this we can verify, contact us: or via message on our Facebook page: Tioga County Newspaper

We know details of the what, who, how right now but are holding off as family DOES NOT KNOW details yet….please be patient. There is no public danger at this time and those who need to know are being contacted. Thanks everyone who shared and thanks to local officials for their cooperation.

This is still an early and unconfirmed report, we are working on getting confirmation. We post for public safety purposes and then report on what we can verify. If anyone knows names/etc do not post them in public. Message us any information or email