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The name of the man who was found dead with a gunshot wound to his head in Williamsport on Tuesday, August 30th, has been released.

The victim is 27-year-old Christopher Wilkins of Philadelphia, and his body was found at an apartment home at 505 Park Avenue. He was declared deceased at 12:10 p.m. According to Lycoming County Coroner Charles E. Kiessling Jr., an autopsy determined that Wilkins died from a gunshot wound. Forensic Pathologist Dr. Barbara Bollinger conducted the autopsy on Wednesday, August 31st. Wilkins’ death was ruled as a homicide.

According to the Williamsport Bureau of Police in a Wednesday statement, they are investigating Wilkins’ death and they have already interviewed people in connection with his death. Police are asking anyone with information to call police at (570) 327-7560. Agent Trent Peacock is heading the investigation.

Court records state that a woman noticed a man “on the floor in a pool of blood” upon entering the 505 Park Avenue first-floor apartment shortly after 12:00 p.m. The woman is the apartment renter’s niece. The woman “got a call from her uncle, who asked her to come over and help him,” according to what she said to police. It is not known if Wilkins was shot after or prior to the niece receiving the phone call. According to police, the uncle is not connected with the shooting. Police did question the man.

An affidavit states that a passersby heard “an unknown voice yelling something to the effect ‘He was shot in the head,’ “. The affidavit, which was released publicly on Wednesday, was filed along with a search warrant. That passersby placed the initial call regarding the shooting incident. According to the caller, a woman exited a home across the street from where the shooting took place and chatted with an unknown man. The passersby heard the man say “They shot Chris in the head, don’t go in the house.”

According to the affidavit, another call came from “a woman who refused to identify herself. She reported a man was shot in the head inside 505 Park Ave.”

The affidavit states that once police were on scene, they found an “unresponsive” Wilkins laying with his face down. According to police, emergency personnel were then dispatched to the scene. Wilkins’ death was confirmed by the emergency personnel.

Police secured the scene while a search warrant was sought. According to a police officer in an affidavit, “a smoked marijuana blunt” and “drug paraphernalia” were “in plain view” at the scene. The affidavit also states that “A criminal history of Wilkins yielded a felony drug conviction from Philadelphia in 2007. This information along with the discovery of drug packaging and a small amount of marijuana may conclude possible drug trafficking or use.”