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Pennsylvania Department of Health logoAccording to Pennsylvania health officials, a person in Pennsylvania has contracted the Zika virus via sex for the first time.

According to Pennsylvania Department of Health Secretary Karen Murphy on Thursday, September 8th, a resident of Pennsylvania got Zika when they traveled to an area where Zika infection transmissions are occurring. The partner of the resident contracted Zika through intercourse.

Murphy issued the following statement regarding the Zika infection, “A Pennsylvania resident contracted the Zika virus from a mosquito while traveling outside of the state in an area where Zika transmission is occurring… Upon returning to the commonwealth, the person passed it via sexual transmission to their partner. In light of this, we remind residents to practice safe sex, especially if they have traveled to an area with Zika-infected mosquitoes. Infections with the Zika virus may be present without symptoms.  If you have traveled to an area where Zika virus is present, condoms or other barrier protection methods should be used during sex for 8 weeks upon return to prevent sexual transmission.  Women who are pregnant or planning to become pregnant should discuss with their doctors any travel plans to Zika-affected locations.”

No one in Pennsylvania has gotten Zika through a mosquito bite as of yet. However, officials say mosquito populations need to be controlled. There were already over 20 cases of Zika infections via sexual transmission in the U.S.