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Pennsylvania Attorney General logoThe newly confirmed Pennsylvania Attorney General Bruce Beemer let two top Kane aides go on Thursday, September 1st.

According to Attorney General office spokesman Jeff Johnson, Patrick Reese and Jonthan Duecker were fired. Duecker was Kane’s prior chief of staff and Reese was her driver and security chief. The reason why the two men were fired was not made clear due to confidentiality laws. They began their employment at the Attorney General’s office in 2013 when Kane also started her job as the then-attorney general.

Wolf nominated Beemer before the Senate voted him into office on Tuesday, August 30th. Kane resigned from the position after she was found guilty on all charges.

Reese was hit with a misdemeanor contempt conviction stemming from an incident in which he searched through emails regarding a grand jury investigation. In December, a county detective took the stand and said that Reese was allowed access to an office server. The detective also testified that Reese looked through emails that were sent between Kane workers and a prosecutor who ran the grand jury. Although Reese received a 3-6 month sentence, he is currently appealing the conviction. His lawyer says that he did not know a protective order was in effect when he looked at the information. Reese was previously the police chief of Dunmore.

According to a lawsuit filed by prior human resources analyst George Moore, he was let go because he pushed for Duecker’s termination. The lawsuit states that Duecker allegedly touched a deputy attorney general three times while the two were at a Hazleton bar in 2014. In addition, a narcotics agent said Duecker allegedly sexually harassed her at a Hazleton Christmas party in 2014. The agent also said that Duecker went in her bedroom when she was sleeping and proceeded to stand over her bed. Duecker denied that any of the incidents occurred. The Attorney General’s office reached a $150,000 settlement with Moore.