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montoursville-area-school-district-logoThe Montoursville Area School Board must release emails related to the appointment of a board member.

A total of seven emails must be released in eight days, and they relate to the appointment of Karen Wright. Wright was elected to the school board earlier in 2016. Joshua Young of Montoursville had filed a Right to Know request. Young wants to know if board member Robert Logue was persuaded to vote for Wright because other board members would supposedly resign if he did not vote for Wright.

Prior to the order, the school district tried to block the release of the emails. According to the Pennsylvania Office of Open Records, the emails Young is requesting were between Karen Wright and board members up until May 25th.

On May 27th, the school district asked for a a 30-day extension. On June 20th, the school district declined the request. According to the school district, the emails were not considered to be public records under the Right to Know Law.

Young appealed the school district’s decision with the Office of Open Records at the end of June. On July 6th, the school district stated that the emails did not fall under the Right to Know Law as they did not do the following, “document a transaction, business or activity of the District and were not created, received or retained pursuant to law or in connection with a transaction, business or activity of the District.” Young’s appeal was granted by the Office of Open Records on September 22nd.

On Tuesday, October 11th, Montoursville Area School Board President Ronald Snell stated that Logue was not pressured to vote for Wright. Snell also said that Logue himself stated he was not pressured to vote for Wright.

The school board said it is not appealing the Office of Open Records order. However, the people who either sent or received the emails may appeal the order prior to the release deadline. The Montoursville Area School District has 30 days from September 22nd to release the emails.