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mansfield universityMansfield University announced that it will be freezing the room rate for students starting this fall.

The room rate will stay the same for students who reside in a residence hall room. The room rate is set by the Council of Trustees before an academic year begins. Students who are already enrolled at Mansfield University and live in residence halls or will live in residence halls next fall will pay the fall 2016 room rate.

Mansfield University President Fran Hendricks issued the following statement about the university’s decision to freeze room rates, “The room rate freeze, coupled with the Freeze Individualized Tuition (FIT) initative we implemented this year, will provide cost predictability for students and parents as they plan their finances… We are committed to controlling costs and providing opportunity to our students through innovative initiatives like these.”

FIT is a pilot program that Mansfield University is testing until 2019. Because of FIT, the tuition for a student will not go up for eight semesters, not including winter or summer terms, or until the student earns his first degree. Summer, winter, and graduate courses are not a part of the FIT program. In 2019, the program’s viability and effectiveness will be reviewed. Mansfield University announced the FIT program in the fall of 2015.

Hendricks also thanked the Council of Trustees. He stated, “We appreciate the support of the Council of Trustees in giving our students and their parents increased stability and predictability in the cost of attendance at Mansfield, as they invest in the future of our students cost assurance.”