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Montoursville Police are reporting an incident that happened May 11th, around 9:45PM.  The incident happened on Dark Hollow Road in Franklin Township.

According to the police report, Muchael H Hurlburt, 31, of Freeburg, PA was attempting repossess the vehicle of Adam J Herr, 34, of Hughsville.

Police allege that Herr snatched the keys out of Hurlburt’s tow truck, who was there to repossess Hurlburt’s vehicle.  Herr then went into his vehicle and pulled out a 9mm Pistol, which he then pointed at Hurlburt, threatining him.

The police report states that Hurlburt managed to get the keys back from Herr, and then fled the area.  Charges have been filed at District Court 29-3-03.  At the time of this posting, the court dockets were not available.