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lycoming-1At the Lycoming County Commissioners’ Meeting September 28th the commissioners reviewed a proposed agreement between Lycoming County and Tioga County about shared prison resources.

The agreement would enable Lycoming County to send some of their prisoners to the Tioga County Prison for a cost of $60 per day.  The plan came about as Lycoming County has been dealing with potential overcrowding issues at their prison.

The commissioners approved putting the item up for vote at the public meeting being held today.

This comes after a meeting by the Tioga County Commissioners on September 13th.  During their meeting on Tuesday, September 13th, the Tioga County commissioners a detention agreement was reached between Lycoming County and Tioga County Prison. Detention space will be made available at the prison for $60 daily. Commissioner Roger Bunn said the following at the meeting, “This is the seventh county we have this type of agreement with.”

Roughly half (48.6 percent)  of the prisoners in county jails across the country are in for drug offenses. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, 744,600 inmates are in county and city jails.. Of them, 16 percent have a drug crime as their most serious offense.