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An apartment complex in Loyalsock Township sustained major damage and displaced 25 people when a fire broke out there on Wednesday, October 19th.

The fire started at Grampian Hills Apartments at approximately 4:40 p.m. According to a Sun-Gazette report, Corporal Nicholas A. Loffredo of the Pennsylvania State Police said that the fire started at a ground level apartment located in Building 6 at 192 Valley Heights Drive.

Tenants had been cooking outdoors on a grill on the rear patio. According to Loffredo, heat that was coming from the grill caused gas to ignite. The gas had leaked from a 25 lb. propane tank that was connected to the grill. The cause of the gas leak is not known.

According to investigators, flames ignited patio furniture. Then, the flames ignited balconies on upper level apartments. It took firefighters an hour to control the fire. Fire investigators ruled the fire as accidental in nature.

There are a total of 18 units in the two-story apartment building.  A total of six apartments in the building’s far west end were destroyed in the fire. According to a Sun-Gazette report, Loyalsock Township fire officials said that six units in the building’s middle section sustained water and smoke damage. Fire officials also said that a total of nine people resided in the six apartments that were destroyed in the fire. No one was living in one of the apartments. Six apartments located at the building’s far end were not damaged. There are a total of 198 units in the apartment complex, with a total of 11 buildings.

Thankfully, there were no injuries. Although no one was hurt, 25 people became displaced. Nine tenants must find housing somewhere else. Eventually, the other tenants might be able to move back in. According to a Sun-Gazette report, fire officials said that the apartment complex manager was trying to help the displaced tenants find housing. Every tenant affected by the fire has renter’s insurance. The building’s owner has fire insurance. The names of the apartment occupants have not been released, but they are being helped by the American Red Cross. Fire investigators estimated the damage at $450,000.