Liberty Murder Investigation Update

Liberty Murder Investigation Update

We have continued to press for answers on this case. 

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UPDATE: 10/9/2013

Continuing OUR investigation.

We have continued to talk to people who are witnesses and other sources about the ongoing investigation. While many local people tell us they believe the suspect the police have in custody is involved, we continue to caution readers to stay vigilant and to remind readers that, while we are certain that this arrest, we will not repeat the person’s name, was sparked as a result of the investigation of this murder, it is VERY POSSIBLE that the person arrested will be not become an official suspect in the murder case.

The local community did a great job of reporting their suspicions, and one person, who remains anonymous, is truly deserving of high praise, no matter how things sort out, This person saw a suspect who they felt met the description of the murder suspect, confronted them, and called the police.

IMPORTANT- there is another local woman with the SAME NAME as the person arrested. Please be aware of that and DO NOT harass anyone just because you think they have a similar name.

We thank SO MANY of you for getting us solid information, If we have not used your information there are one of three reasons- first, we do not want to “step on” and ongoing investigation, second we have not corroborated it and, third, we want to be careful not to paint anyone as “guilty” in the court of public opinion. This does not mean your information has not been useful, and we appreciate it a lot! This is exactly what we mean by a “people-powered free press” and YOU are making it happen!

Here is the update we originally posted, but STAY TUNED HERE for daily updates on this case….

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At this point State Police were not able to say whether or not the arrest in question is related to the case. We have received no press release on this case either.

The issue of why police have not confirmed whether this arrest is or is not related may not mean that the person arrested is a suspect.

Let me explain. This can be due to the fact (which police have not confirmed) that they may have received an initial tip on this case that led to this arrest, it does not mean the person arrested is a suspect even, but some similarities of appearance and the car she bought might mean they have yet to rule her out.

We believe at this point, from all the information we have, that such a tip was made and that it played a role in this arrest, even if indirectly.

This does happen during investigations. People are looked at and other crimes are discovered, though later that person is cleared regarding any suspicion of the first crime that was being investigated.

We cannot provide answers any quicker than we get them. So far the officer involved in the arrest has not contacted me, I have put in another call requesting a return call.

As soon as we have more information we’ll share it and we continue to solicit reader input and news tips. We continue to receive these but we have not had enough corroborating evidence and information to advance the story further. Thanks to all who continue to send us information.

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