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election-2016For Tioga County voters, there are no local races being decided on Tuesday, November 8th, but there are two races, one at the state level and one at the national level, that will have significant impacts on national policy.

The first race is the race for President.  In the last four polls taken as of the printing of this newspaper, the national polls range from showing Clinton up by 3 points to Trump up by 5 points.  The latest PA polls show Clinton up between 2 and 5 points.  Pennsylvania hasn’t selected a Republican Presidential candidate since 1988, when George H.W Bush won the state

Libertarian Candidate Gary Johnson is polling between 5 and 12 points in the latest polls.

For Pennsylvania, some of the key issues in the Presidential Debate include gun rights/gun control.  Donald Trump has favored less gun control while Hillary Clinton is calling for more gun regulations.  Both candidates, however, support the controversial no fly/no buy proposal.  This proposal would prohibit anyone who is on the Terror No Fly List from purchasing firearms.  The controversial measure would allow individuals to lose the right to purchase firearms after proceedings in which they would not allowed to offer up a defense.  In the past, such procedures were called Star Chambers.

On the Right to Life/Pro Choice issue, Donald Trump has expressed a Right to Life stance, while Hillary Clinton supports the right to choose.  She also supports partial birth abortions and believes there should be no restrictions on when a woman can choose to have an abortion.

On the issue of healthcare, Donald Trump wants to scrap the Affordable Healthcare Act and replace it with one he says will allow for greater competition among insurance companies across state lines.  Hillary Clinton wants to preserve the Affordable Care Act, but apply ‘fixes’ to make it work better.  This year, prices for Affordable Care plans (aka Obamacare) are expected to rise by about 27 percent in Pennsylvania.

There are controversies surrounding the two main Presidential candidates.  For Donald Trump, there have been accusations he was sexually inappropriate with several women.  He also faces a lawsuit surrounding accusations he raped a 13 year old girl.

For Hillary Clinton, there are accusations her and former President Bill Clinton have used the Clinton foundation to sell political influence to the government to foreign interests and corporate interests.  She also faces accusations that she misused a private server, allowing classified information to get in the hands of foreign interests.

Both candidates face high negativities.  This is the first Presidential election where both candidates have greater unfavorable over favorable numbers.

The other significant race is for one of Pennsylvania’s US Senate seats, currently held by Pat Toomey. The incumbent faces a serious challenge from the Democrat contender, Katie McGinty.  The latest average of polls show McGinty up by 5 points over Toomey.

Like the Presidential race, the republican is pro-life while the democrat is pro-choice.  The republican is also a gun rights advocate, while the democrat is pushing for greater gun control laws.

On the Affordable Care Act, Toomey is also for scraping the plan and proposes a replacement that offers more competition.  McGinty, like Clinton, is in favor of amending the Affordable Care Act.

Pat Toomey has stirred up some controversy by refusing to endorse his party’s Presidential candidate, Donald Trump.  He has not come out openly against Trump, but rather has taken a ‘neutral’ stance.

There is a PA Constitutional ballot question about judges.  The ballot questions reads, “shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to require that justices of the Supreme Court, judges, and magisterial district judges be retired on the last day of the calendar year in which they attain the age of 75 years?”

The current retirement age for Judges is 70 years.

Here is the full ballot:

General Election Ballot for November 8th, 2016
Hillary Clinton President Democratic Tim Kaine Vice-President
Donald J. Trump President Republican Michael R. Pence Vice-President
Darrell L. Castle President Constitution Party Scott N. Bradley Vice-President
Jill Stein President Green Ajamu Baraka Vice-President
Gary Johnson President Libertarian William Weld Vice-President

US Senator
Katie McGinty Democratic
Pat Toomey Republican
Edward T. Clifford III Libertarian

US Representative
Mike Molesevich Democratic
Tom Marino Republican

Shall the Pennsylvania Constitution be amended to require that justices of the Supreme Court, judges, and magisterial district judges be retired on the last day of the calendar year in which they attain the age of 75 years?

PA Attorney General
Josh Shapiro Democratic
John Rafferty Republican

PA Auditor General
Eugene A. DePasquale Democratic
John Brown Republican
John J. Sweeney Green
Roy A. Minet Libertarian

PA Senate
Jerri Buchanan Democratic
Joseph B. Scarnati III Republican

PA State Representative

Matt Baker Democratic/Republican


PA State Treasurer

Joe Torsella Democratic

Otto Voit Republican

Kristin Combs Green

James Babb Libertarian

Polling Locations:

1. Bloss Township Community Building, 756 Arnot Rd., Arnot Pa
2. Blossburg Borough Fire Company, 324 Main St., Blossburg Pa
3. Brookfield Twp. Township Building, 2037 California Rd., Westfield Pa
4. Charleston Twp. Tioga County Fair Grounds, 2258 Charleston Rd., Wellsboro Pa
5. Chatham Township Town Hall, 1579 Blair Creek Rd., Little Marsh Pa
6. Clymer Township Municipal Building, 1105 Locust St., Sabinsville Pa
7. Covington Township Township Office Building, 114 E. Hill Rd, Covington Pa
8. Deerfield Township Knoxville Community Building, Glover Conference Room 301 Main St. Knoxville Pa
9. Delmar Twp. North Coolidge Hollow Methodist Route 287 Wellsboro Pa
10. Delmar Twp. South Township Building 610 N Lawton Rd, Wellsboro Pa. Stony Fork.
11. Duncan Township Township Building 42 Duncan Twp Rd, Wellsboro Pa In Antrim.
12. Elk Township Township Building 20 E. Shambaker Rd, Gaines Pa
13. Elkland Borough Borough Council Chambers, 105 Parkhurst St. Elkland Pa
14. Farmington Township Township  Building 19 Elkhorn Rd. Lawrenceville Pa
15. Gaines Township Township Building 1517 Route 6 Gaines Pa
16. Hamilton Township Township Building 16 Tioga St Morris Run Pa
17. Jackson Township Garrett Miller Center 37 Back St Millerton. Pa
18. Knoxville Borough Knoxville Community Building, Gymnasium 301 Main St. Knoxville Pa
19. Lawrence Township Township Building 1038 Buckwheat Hollow Rd, Lawrenceville Pa
20. Lawrenceville Borough Fireman’s Hall 13 Mechanic St, Lawrenceville Pa
21. Liberty Township Grange Hall 1065 Bloss Mountain Rd, Liberty Pa In Sebring
22. Liberty Borough Liberty Lutheran Church 4478 Williamson Trail, Liberty Pa
23. Mansfield Borough Mansfiled Fire Station 381 S. Main St. Mansfield Pa
24. Middlebury Township Middlebury Fire Company 11747 Route 287 Middlebury Center Pa
25. Morris Township Social Hall 1993 Route 287 Morris Pa
26. Nelson Township Community Building 111 Village Dr. Nelson Pa
27. Osceola Township Presbyterian Church 104 Church St. Osceola Pa
28. Putnam Township Community Center, 2150 N. Williamson Rd, Covington
29. Richmond Township Township Building 563 Valley Rd., Mansfield Pa
30. Roseville Borough Community Center Building 114 Roseville Ave. Mansfield Pa
31. Rutland Township Roseville United Methodist Church Anx 4118 Route 549 Mansfield Pa
32. Shippen Township Township Building 68 Asaph Run Rd. Wellsboro Pa
33. Sullivan Township Community Building 103 Williams Rd Mainesburg Pa
34. Tioga Township Township Building 50 Coleman St. Tioga Pa
35. Tioga Borough Borough Building at 18 N Main St. Tioga Pa
36. Union Township Township Building 324 Union Centre Rd, Canton Pa
37. Ward Township Ward United Methodist Church 587 Church Rd Canton Pa
38. Wellsboro Boro Ward 1 Hospitality House 3 Queen St. Wellsboro Pa
39. Wellsboro Boro Ward 2 Masonic Temple 8 Kelsey St. Wellsboro Pa
40. Westfield Township Westfield Township Building 528 Mill St, Westfield Pa
41. Westfield Borough Community Building at 429 E Main St. Westfield. Pa