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ugwu-69-logoMembers of the United Gas Workers Union Local 69 (UGWU Local 69) in Pennsylvania and five other states have been shut out of work since Wednesday, September 7th, due to a labor contract issue.

The labor contract ended on April 1st, and UGWU Local 69 says the lack of medical insurance for new hires upon retirement is a main issue. Dominion said that UGWU Local 69 agreed to vote on a tentative contract on August 26th, however the union said “no promise was made to the Company as to how the Executive Board or Representative Council would vote.”

As of Friday, September 9th, UGWU Local 69 remains locked out of work. However, they did meet with a federal mediator on Thursday, September 8th. According to the union, the mediator rejected a proposal put forth by the union. The union posted the following update on their Facebook page on Thursday:

The Union and the Company met today for session of bargaining with a Federal Mediator, The Union made a proposal to the Company which they rejected. The Mediator held extensive discussions with both sides but no agreement was reached and members will continue to be locked out until further notice. Both parties agreed that neither side walked away from the table and the possibility of further negotiations exists and communication lines are open going forth. Members are encouraged to contact their Stewards for further details as conference calls were held this afternoon with each of them.

Dominion ensured its customers that they have taken the proper safety measures while union workers are not on the job in the form of continuance-of-service plans. If customers smell a gas odor, they should call Dominion Transmission at (888) 264-8240 or Dominion Hope at (800) 934-3187.