Benghazi Hearing Live Stream- Live Blogging

Benghazi Hearing Live Stream- Live Blogging

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Live Blog- TF opinion- Paul Collier:

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3:21 Hicks’ testimony of Undersecretary Jones attacking his management style after Benghazi is chilling and shows the cover-up was well in place by then.  Also, the demotion- wow- this is very damaging testimony.

3:04pm- Congressman Horsford using Benghazi hearing to attack republicans for cutting government spending- what a sham and an embarrassment of this process, using this hearing to grandstand government spending.  This despite the fact that FUNDING CUTS were not at all relevant to what went wrong in Benghazi- what went wrong in Benghazi was stand down orders to protect an Obama narrative that Al Qaeda was on the run and Susan Rice lying, undermining our allies, and directly damaging our foreign policy, to PROTECT the Obama re-election narrative that Al Qaeda was on the run.

3:03pm- Shame on Fox News breaking away from Benghazi to cover a celebrity trial verdict- missed a significant moment- Hicks in response to Clinton’s “what difference does it make”- He responded- what difference did it make- the lies of Susan Rice directly led to our being locked out of Libya- directly led to the FBI being prevented from investigating the ‘crime secne’- the bad guys got away because Obama’s administration chose to push a lie to save his re-election campaign narrative, that Al Qaeda was on the run.

2:58- stunner nominee- Fox News misses this becuase they are covering murder trials and airing commericals- Hicks shown Hillary Clinton video- what difference does it make- He responds with stunner- the better question is ‘what difference DID it make”- the Libyan President was embarrassed and the direct result was a shut down of Libyan cooperation and our freeze out for 17 days to investigate the crime scene- an unsecured crime scene.

2:35pm- Hicks testifies no one he knows who was interviewed for the ARB report was allowed to see the final classified version.  Why?  Did the people who were first-hand witnesses to the event not have enough clearance?  Also, his testimony that no stenographer was present in the interview, no recording but note takers, is stunning.

2:26 pm- There is a narrative here emerging that the Susan Rice lie-tour on Sunday talk shows did tremendous damage to our ability to secure the ‘crime scence’ and get cooperation from the Libyran government on finding the perpetrators.  For the sake of a re-election campaign narrative, that Al Qaeda was on the run, Susan Rice went on Sunday talk shows and did real damage to our foreign policy.  What difference does that make, Hillary?

2:45 Chaffetz brings it out that our government never requested armed drones be flown over Libya.

2:19- Speier asking where Hicks wants to be located next is- well- bizarre.

2:13 Pm- Congresswoman Speier continues the dem assault of attacking the witnesses, accusing Thompson of not answering the democrats’ questions.  Is she watching the same hearing that I am?

1:46- When asked by Congressman Jordan this question “You were told NOT to talk to congressmen coming to investigate”, Hicks responded “Yes”.  This would be a blatant attempt by the State Department to cover up the lie told by Susan Rice on the Sunday talk shows five days after the Benghazi attack.  This is looking more and more like Watergate, and worst- because Americans were killed.

1:39 Dem Congressman Clay uses hearing to attack Republicans for cutting funding of embassay security despite testimony from State Department officials that funding cuts bore no impact on Benghazi.  Issa calls out Clay brilliantly for his sleezy underhanded attack on republicans.

1:34pm- Congnressman Jordan exposing how the State Department put the squeeze on Hicks to shut up and locked his lawyer out- this is damaging stuff.

1:29- Tierney just used an intimidation tactic on Gregory Hicks, trying to push him into calling one of his acting superiors a “Liar”.  This was a chilling exchange.

1:26- Congressman Tierney seeking to discredit Chairman Issa with the ‘whoppper’ Pinocchio attack by progressive newspaper, Washington Post.  So the main defense of the Obama administration by the dems is this ‘whopper’ accusation by the progressive MSM.

1:24- So this big question that might emerge from this hearing is this- were stand down orders given to assets on the ground that might have been able to aid the Americans under attack in the compound during the mortar assault?

1:18pm  Overt Socialist Norton accuses Thompson of lying under oath over his particular part of the Counter Terrorism bureau was locked out.

1:12pm- Cummings tries to shut down Chavits on a technicality- showing his real purpose- protect Obama and the progressive agenda.

1:08 pm- the smoking gun?  Orders of incountry military personal to ‘stand down’- testified by Hicks- Lt Col Gibson- “this is the first time in my career that a diplomat has more b#$@s than the military”.

1:01 PM- The tactic of the democrats appears to be to demonize and assault those who question Benghazi- how dare we challenge our military and our elected officials.  Did these same democrats defend the military and our elected officials during Iraq?  No- they called Bush a murderer.  Congresswoman Malloy represents her progressive ideology and tactics well.

1:05- If you have any doubt that the MSM are the de facto arm of this administration, witness Malloy using the incredibly biased and discredited Washington Post as ‘evidence’ Hillary was not lying when she said she had no part in personally turning down security for Benghazi.

12:58- two days before Susan Rice attempts to push the Obama re-election narrative that Al Qaeda is on the run, the State Department told the President of Libya that the attacks were by Ansar Al Sharia.

12:56- Trey Gowdy gets Hicks to contrast the lies of Susan Rice- who went on FIVE national talk shows, in the name of Obama, to tell Americans that Benghazi was a video protest gone bad.

12:53- Cummings is interested in protecting ‘other people’- that is, the administration.  Shouldn’t the hearing be to get to the truth and not ‘protect’ other people?

12:49- Nordstram contradicts Cummings attack- His statement on fighters being availaible in a timely manner based on information on  the ground, not a testimony from a General in a hearing.  His ground eye witness account is more powerful than Cummings hiding behind an official testimony from a politically appointed General.

12:45- Cummings- “death is a part of life”- “We have some balancing here today, we have to listen to you all…..we’ve got some statements that have been made…while we have to protect you, we have to protect your fellow employees……I’m just trying to make sure I get a complete picture……”  Wow- Cummings has decided to go full out and attack the whistle blowers.  He may be furthering his career substantially, or ending it.  Time will tell.

12:40 Glen Hicks- “people in Benghazi had been fighting all night”

12:38- Accuracy of Mortars testified by Hicks is chilling.  As he describes the unfolding action, which Obama and Hillary were getting real time, there is no way anyone could not understand this was a coordinated military assault and not a spontaneous attack from some protest.  We were lied to for the sake of a President’s campaign efforts, who went to Las Vegas for a fundraiser the next day.

12:31- Hicks gets call from Lybian Prime Minister confirming Stevens dead- He informs Washington- this was at 3 am Lybian time- he accelerates effort to evacuate, secure Tripoli.

12:26 Ansar al Sharia indentified early by ‘twitter feeds’ as being the attacker- Stevens’ body taken to hospital controlled by Ansar al Sharia- this wouuld contradict the story that Stevens was rescued by Lybians.

12:25 Hicks testifies fighter planes in Aviano 2-3 hours away but no tankers available.

12:17 Thompson’s testimony that he activated his team in response to a terrorist attack makes me question why assets available were not immediately brought to bear, and why they weren’t.  Notwithstanding Cummings’ disgraceful pre-emptive strike, this is troubling testimony.

12:10- Mr Nordstrom’s emotional opening statement could be one of those ‘viral’ moments of this hearing.  What a direct contradiction to the hate spewed by the poorly behaving and disrepectful Cummmings.

12:07- Gregory Hicks- “In February of 1991 I pledged to uphold the Constitution of the United States.  I am here to honor that pledge.”  Chilling words if you are a part of this administration or one of its acolytes.

12:00  Thompson testifying he had direct contact with White House and they had UP TO DATE information.  He is already contradicting the shrill Cummings pre-emptive strike.

11L51- The democrats lambast George Bush’s pre-emptive strike doctrine.  Elijah Cummings, the democrat show pony for this hearing, is following President Bush’s doctrine to a tee- pre-emptive striking all over the place.  His tone is hostile.  His disrespect of Issa is demeaning and denotes the level of incivility in our country today.

11:47- Cummings trying to pre-emptively strike against whistleblowers, claming no such chance that assets could have been brought to bear to protect those murdered in Benghazi.

11:45- First dem grandstand- Congressman Elijah Cummings- he accuses some members of congress of not honoring ‘public service employees’ such as the ones who died in Benghazi.  Is he saying that if we are for cutting government then we are dishonoring ‘public service employees’?

11:42-  Issa’s careful, deliberate labelling of the ‘witnesses’ as ‘whistleblowers’ might be significant.  Watch and see if there is some legal protection issue Issa is setting up for these 3 men after the hearing is over.  – Yes- it appears Issa is doing just that.

11:34 am-  The committee is preparing for the Benghazi Hearing


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