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Avery Dennison Corporation recently addressed concerns by residents in Sayre, PA about the recent chemical spill that happened in the area of Draper and Hooper Streets back in 2007.

Rob Six, the VP of Global Corporate Communications for Avery Dennison, told residents that “there is no indication this issue provides a threat to the residents.”

The site in question is a gas well, that, formerly owned by Paxar, was identified by Pennsylvania Act 2 as a site that needed cleaned up.  The site was identified in 2007 as producing groundwater that was contaminated with chlorinated solvents.

Residents have expressed ongoing concerns with the potential for contamination to their drinking water.  Avery Dennison has stated that the groundwater flow from the site goes in the direction of the Cayuta Creek, eastward.

New wells were added to the area in 2011, even while efforts are still under way to clean up the soil and groundwater of the facility, as well as the soil and groundwater in the properties on Hoover and Draper Street.

According to Avery Dennison, and validated by the Pennsylvania DEP, the contamination levels, as of December last year, have fallen below the thresholds set by the DEP.

Since then, Avery Dennison has added vapor mitigation systems in the residences on Draper and Hoover Streets, as well as some residences in nearby Spring Street, to help further reduce contamination risks.  Ongoing maintenance of the systems, as well as power for the systems, will be provided by Avery Dennison.

This month, August, the company will do an evaluation of each home that has permitted the installation of the vapor mitigation systems to assess the effectiveness of the systems.

The VP of Global Corporate Communications stated, “The health and safety of the Sayre community is our top priority and we are doing the right things to address that.”