Author: Valia Jenkins

Walmart Robber Gets Sentenced

Update: Alan Dodge has been sentenced to prison in connection with a robbery at the Richmond Township Walmart last April. Dodge was sentenced to 36 months to 10 years in prison. In addition, he must pay a restitution of $46,240. His sentencing took place on Monday, May 1st, in the Court of Common Pleas of Tioga County. A Mansfield man who has been wanted on several charges by the Old Lycoming Township Police Department is now behind bars in connection with a robbery at the Richmond Township Walmart back in April. According to the Pennsylvania State Police, 23-year-old Alan Michael...

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House Votes For Affordable Care Act Replacement

The Affordable Care Act is nearing replacement after the House of Representatives voted 217-213 on a bill to replace it. The House voted on Thursday, May 5th. Several Republicans, twenty in all, voted against repealing the Affordable Care Act. President Donald Trump tweeted the following on Friday morning, “Big win in the House – very exciting! But when everything comes together with the inclusion of Phase 2, we will have truly great healthcare!” The new bill is known as the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Under the AHCA, the individual healthcare mandate would be eliminated. People in high income brackets would not...

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Bipartisan Federal Budget Scraps Border Wall Plan, Planned Parenthood Defunding

A $1 trillion bipartisan federal budget, which is likely to pass by the end of the week, would avoid a government shutdown in September. The budget deal was made on Sunday, April 30th. Trump said the following on Tuesday, “This is what winning looks like.” He also said it’s a “clear win” for Americans. Trump gave a thumbs up to the following two items in the budget: a Washington, D.C., located school choice program, and extended health care benefits for coal miners who have retired. Paul Ryan (R-WI), who is the House Speaker, was also positive about the budget....

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Williamsport Woman Faces Charges After Police Say She Birthed Stillborn, Put Baby in Box

A Williamsport woman is facing an abuse of a corpse charge after police say she gave birth to a stillborn baby and kept the body in a cardboard box in her vehicle while she went to drug treatment centers and then to a hospital. According to the Old Lycoming Township Police Department, 38-year-old Chesney Wheeler gave birth in the bathroom of her home on 450 Colvin Road in Old Lycoming Township on April 13th. The stillborn baby, a girl, was born 29 weeks premature. Police say Wheeler allegedly admitted she used heroin and smoked crack cocaine the day before...

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Homes Damaged, Funnel Clouds Spotted as Strong Storms Move Through PA

A strong spring thunderstorm left damage and power outages in its wake as it hit the region on Monday, May 1st. The storm started at around 7:00 p.m. The National Weather Service had issued a tornado watch for 29 counties in the state, including Tioga County, until 10:00 p.m. A severe thunderstorm warning was also issued. Multiple trees were downed in Lycoming County. In some cases, uprooted trees resulted in ripped up sidewalks. In Williamsport, a big tree landed on a Seventh Avenue residence. Also in Williamsport, multiple trees fell in the area of Campbell Street and West Fourth Street...

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